Company Incorporation and Compliance

Company Incorporation is the legal process to establish a company and get recognized as a separate legal entity. In context to Nepal, Company Act 2063 governs the incorporation of the company. It is the process of formally organizing the business and bringing its legal existance. The incorporation of the company is widely used legal vehicle for operating the business. Incorporated businesses can take the risks that make growth possible without exposing the shareholders. After the incorporation of the company, the company must follow various compliances according to the relevant laws and regulations. Depending on what industry you work in, you might have to comply with large, complex sets of laws that have a significant impact on your operations. It involves keeping a watchful eye on an ever-changing legal and regulatory climate, and making the changes necessary for the business to continue its operation. Enforcing compliance in corporate policy will help the company prevent and detect violations of rules. This can save the organization from fines and lawsuits. J&A Danfe Law provides a pre-eminant service for company incorporation and its compliances after incorporations by the experienced lawyer. We assist our clients in determining the capital and recommend the most tax efficient structure required based on the nature of business. We develop and design the checklist for corporate compliances and provide advisory on rectification of the non-compliance issues. We further draft all the required documents for company incorporation and assist in filing of the compliance documents to the relevant government registries.

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