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J&A Danfe Law

Since its establishment, we at J&A Danfe Law have endeavored for excellence, commitment, and quality. We serve our clients with the best standard with service. Our success is measured through the client’s satisfaction. We invite you to work with us for all your legal needs.

J&A Danfe Law is the full- fledged law firm focusing on the corporate and business sector. Team Danfe Law is the young working group dedicated towards long term cooperative relationship. Our objective is to provide quality legal service with the best advice. We are not only based on providing legal service, but we share our knowledge and experience in various seminars. We are one of the limited law firms that do not charge for legal consultation.

Alike a start-up company, we enjoy an open culture. We are available in person and over the phone. If our clients are unable to meet at our office, we will gladly visit them.

Your Advocate


Adv. Amulya Dhungel


Amulya’s introduction to law started in 2011, leading to assisting and counseling the number of notable businesses. He holds a Certificate in BA-LLB specialized in Commercial Law. His clients include or have included multinational, national, regional and local companies involved in many different industries.

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What We Do

Corporate/Business Law

Business law is the set of laws that regulates the activities of business. Business law is the type of law which deals with rights and obligation of business person arising out of business transaction. Business law helps the business community to carry its transactions without any fear and hesitation, with certainty and confidence. It includes law of contract, company, industry, banking, insurance etc. This law protects the economic rights and helps in developing national economy.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is the type of law that deals with crime and the legal punishment of criminal offenses. The case is filed by Government in criminal law. For example: homicide (Murder), Theft, Rape, fraud, etc. in criminal law, the case is filed by the government, usually referred to as the State and represented by a prosecutor, against a defendant. Criminal law involves crime against the society, state, or the government. In criminal law, the criminal proceeding begins from First Information Report to police.

Civil Law

Civil Law is the law which deals with the disputes between individuals, organizations, or between the two, in which compensation is awarded to the victim. The case is filed by private party in civil law. For example: property dispute, contract dispute, family dispute, rental Agreement disputes, adoption etc. In civil cases, the plaintiff is asking the court to order the defendant to remedy a wrong, often in the form of monetary compensation to the plaintiff. Civil law involves crime against a specific party of person. In civil law, the civil proceeding begins from filing of suits in the court by the plaintiff.

Intellectual Property Law

The law that accords with the legal right to creative works and invention is known as intellectual property law. It allows people to earn the profit via. their own creativity. This law helps the creator feel secure in his/her own property and encourage towards new invention and technologies. Intellectual Property Law is protected in each country’s national law and is applied to take place only in that nation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution is the different way of tackling the dispute which is outside the courtroom. it includes the procedure without any litigation and is less costly. It helps the disputed parties to solve their dispute through neutral third party. This procedure of resolving the dispute will preserve the relationship by helping the parties cooperate instead of creating one winner and one loser.

Legal Documentation

Legal Documentation is the documentation of the information in the written form. It creates a legal relationship and grants some rights. It is the best tool in protecting against lawsuits or complaints and helps in minimizing risks as much as possible. It also plays an important role not only in court cases but also in the transactions.

Legal Research

Legal Research is the process of identifying the legal problem to help support making legal decision. It helps in finding answer to the legal questions and also check the legal precedent. it is vital for the law firms, lawyers and legal professionals for assisting them in solving the complicated cases. There are two different authoritative legal document in finding the solution to the legal problems, namely primary authority and secondary authority. Legal research helps in increasing the area of practice, provides complete information about a dispute and helps in drawing out underlying principles of law.

Immigration Law

Immigration Law is the regulation related to the entrance into a country by the foreigner for various purposes. It allows to determine who can enter the country and for how long. It also determines the detention and removal proceeding if any foreign nationals enter without permission, overstay their visit, or otherwise lose their legal status.