Foreign Direct Investment and Joint Venture

FDI is the investment upon a business by an individual/s or the corporate from one nation to another nation. It is an important contributor for accessing new skills, technologies, international business practices and its markets. It is the prominant strategy for economic development and enhancement of efficiency. Investors who invest on FDI can often benefit from greater diversification and create various opportunities. Nepal has introduced many provisions to attract FDI including a set of legal, regulatory and institutional framework. The Foreign Investment in Nepal are regulated and administered by Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act (FITTA) 2019 and Industrial Enterprises Act (IEA) 2016 where the Department of Industries (DOI) is the sole agency for administration and implementation of Foreign Investment & Technology Transfer Act in Nepal. J&A Danfe Law provides assistance to foreign companies for routing entry strategies for investment in Nepal and assisting them through Government regulations and procedures for setting up their operations in Nepal. We assist our clients in structuring of investment including the joint ventures and conducting legal due–diligence of the target company. We also assist clients in Industrial licencing, Government contracts, transfer of technology and licencing and repatriation. 

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